Friday, September 28, 2012

{Five} of Our Favorite Things

It's been a great week here in Chicago.  We've had absolutely perfect weather and spent one of those beautiful days celebrating the {His'} birthday with friends... celebrating in a very {His} way, I might add {you'll learn how below}.  We're looking forward to a brief escape from the city this weekend, as we head down to Ohio for my cousin's wedding.  Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!!  We'll see you back here on Monday.  Until then, here's just {five} of our favorite things from this past week...

{ an amazing birthday celebration for the {His} organized by a few of our amazing friends ~ a Chicago Beer & Wing Crawl!!

 { a wing crawl complete with scorecards and all, so we could rank our favorite wing-a-ding-dings }

{ a new pair of Urban Explorers to feed the {His'} recent Dockers obsession }

{ a few fun knickknacks around our apartment ~ like this beautiful vintage camera... } 

{ ...and this adorable pumpkin ~ Boo!! }


  1. Love the wingcrawl photos!

  2. Jake Melnicks definitely has amazing wings. So does Burger Bar, oddly enough, so I highly recommend!

    The Wearist