Friday, July 20, 2012

{Five} of Our Favorite Things

It's been a light blogging week for us without our typical Tuesday and Thursday {His} and {Hers} outfit posts.  We took it easy while I was settling into my first week on the Aveda Institute salon floor and the {His} was recovering from another impressive triathlon finish at the Minneapolis Tri {I'm so proud of that boy!!}.  I thought we deserved a bit of a break as a reward for hard work in other areas of our lives.  We'll be back in full blogging force next week.  Before we skip off into the weekend, here's just {five} little things we enjoyed this past week... 

{ iced coffees providing some energy assistance as I completed my Intro Final Exams at the Aveda Institute last Saturday... }

 { ...meanwhile, the {His} was rockin' his way toward another impressive triathlon finish at the Minneapolis Tri!! }

{ my first station set-up and a few moments of silence before a busy and exciting first day on the Aveda Institute salon floor!! }  

{ Road ID sports bracelets {available HERE} ~ after my running tumble a couple weeks ago, which resulted in a split chin and trip to the ER, we ordered Road ID sports bracelets for added piece of mind on those solo runs and rides } 

{ we're super excited to be partnering with Bloomingdale's on "Give a Pair, Get a Pair" ~ we'd love for you to join us this upcoming Tuesday at this great give-back event!! }


  1. I always wonder, since you are in the beauty industry, do you have any beauty blogs that you love and follow regularly?

  2. Hi Daniel! I honestly get most of my online beauty inspiration from Pinterest, but I think my favorite beauty blog is The Beauty Department: I also pay close attention to the beauty trends I'm seeing on personal style and fashion blogs.