Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hers - Festive Formal Attire

As you know from Tuesday's post, last weekend the {His} and I gussied up in our festive formal finest for the Chicago Children's Advocacy Center's Sugar Ball.  I have a penchant for party dresses, so I always love pulling together looks for any formal fete.  But since this particular soiree called for "Festive Formal Attire," the {His} and I enjoyed the opportunity to have a little more creative freedom with our evening wear {you can see the {His'} look here}.  I pulled one of my very favorite finds from my dress archives ~ an open-back, tiered, tissue-layer dress that I scored several years back at H&M.  It's a dress I don't get to wear often, but one I always look forward to digging up and the Sugar Ball's request for festive formal was the perfect opportunity!! 

{ Hers }
Headband: J. Crew {also love this set of three}
Dress: H&M {similar style available here}
Clutch: Club Monaco {similar style available here}
Shoes: Chinese Laundry {similar style available here}


  1. I remember this gorgeous dress from when we went dancing in Northside!

  2. You look fabulous!

    PS miss you! The office certainly isn't the same!

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