Friday, January 27, 2012

{Five} of Our Favorite Things

Happy Friday friends!!  We hope you've had a fantastic week and are headed into an even more fantastic weekend!!  It's been {yet another} busy week for this O'Brien clan of two, so we're pretty excited to round it out... and even more excited to be able to share just {five} of the little things that made us smile this week...

{ coming across this photo ~ one of my absolute favorites from my younger years ~
two of my childhood besties and me {far right} }

{ being back in Ohio to help my Daddy-O celebrate a couple major milestones } 

{ the {His'} new lime-soled shoes }

{ this fancy new coffee machine, which makes the most delicious coffee 
...and getting up early a dream }

{ this lovely ladylike bag... recently seen in {this} post }


  1. Lovely stuff!! I love the shoes and the bag, they're fab!

  2. LOVE that classic bag (er – and that oreo cake!).

  3. i really heart that bag!! and that photo of you is too cute!