Tuesday, August 30, 2011

His - Triathlon

The {His} is on "outfit post holiday" this week {and rightfully so} following an impressive go at the Chicago Triathlon this past Sunday.  After months of dedicated training, it all came to an end in just under three short hours {although the {His} would beg to differ those hours were far from short}.  I cheered my heart out from the sidelines ~ literally yelling "I LOVE YOU, ERIC!" as he passed toward the end of the race.  I couldn't have been more proud of what he'd accomplished.  The race is such an amazing feat of mental and physical toughness.  It's rather inspiring to spectate.  So much so that I'm considering giving it a go myself next year.  We'll see... maybe I'll surprise you, and myself!!

{ pre-race swim gear prep }

{ inked up and ready to go!! }

{ final squeeze before the race }

{ the {His} was not alone in this endeavor ~ 
he trained and completed alongside a lifelong friend }

{ about to hit the water and begin the race ~ swim, bike, run!! }

{ treading water and waiting for the official start }

{ Aaand they're off!! }

{ mid-way through the last leg of the race ~ I'm cheering and snapping away ~ the {His} is powering through and waving ~ after this I scurried to the finish line to take in the excitement and prep for the {His} to cross the line!! }