Wednesday, July 20, 2011

His & Hers Picks - Shoe Care/Repair

When it comes to cleaning and care, I'm slightly obsessive.  What can I say... I love a spick-and-span home and meticulously cared for garments and possessions ~ that includes our shoes!!  My feeling is, just like your nails, people notice if your shoes are well-kept and perfectly polished, particularly on a special occasion.  While having a good cobbler to take care of any major repairs is key, maintaining your kicks on a regular basis at home is equally important and may be easier than you think.  Here is a bundle of fantastic goods, some of which we always have at hand, to help heal your soles...

1. Kiwi Shoe Shine Valet & Care Products {a great one-stop-shop!!}, $37.95 via Amazon
2. Woodlore Suede Bar & Brush, $7.75 via Amazon 
3. Woodlore Adjustable Shoe Trees, $20 via Amazon

1. Kiwi Suede & Nubuck Protector Spray, $5.95 via
2. Kiwi Outdoor Protect All Rain& Stain Repellent, $6.95 via
3. Kiwi Leather Lotion, $6.95 via
4. Kiwi Select Polished Leather Premium Paste, $2.79 via
5. Kiwi Express Shoe Shine Sponge, $4.95 via
Keep a black Sharpie and Vaseline at hand.  These two products work wonders in touching up scuffs and scraps and polishing leathers, including patent, in a pinch!!

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  1. What's the difference with "Kiwi Suede & Nubuck Protector Spray" and "Kiwi Outdoor Protect All Rain& Stain Repellent" if I may ask? They seem to do the same thing.


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