Monday, March 14, 2011

His & Hers Inspiration - Brighter Days

This past weekend, by most accounts, was a great one.  However, I woke up to Sunday's spring-forward time change with a killer sore throat that's knocked me out for the count.  I didn't move far from the comfort of our couch yesterday and, other than a morning trip to the doctor, don't see myself moving much farther today either.  Such a bummer!!  But, with longer daylight hours in full swing, I'm happy and grateful to have copious amounts of brighter days on the horizon!!

{ images via Dossier and Tommy Ton for GQ,, Jak & Jil }


  1. Finally the colours are here! Let´s enjoy the upcoming spring, last day I was praying for warmer weather...and here it is! I like the post, it makes my day brighter :) thanx

  2. love the red on red and yellow on yellow in that first post!!