Tuesday, October 14, 2014

And just like that...

...we're back!

I'm sure you probably thought we were gone for good at this point. It's been six months to the day since my last post and a long time since I regularly posted over here. Truth be told, His & Hers fell farther and farther down my priority list as life and work (and then a cross-country move) became my main points of focus. 

I've missed it though. His & Hers has always been a place for me to creatively play and share, and I've missed that outlet. So I'm excited to say I'm relaunching His & Hers with a fresh set of eyes and a fresh voice. 

You'll notice some subtle layout changes and new categories in the right-hand navigation, as this site evolves into our current lifestyle. His & Hers will still be a place for me to share visual inspiration and all things style-related, but I'll also be sharing more bits of personal adventures. 

As I mentioned above, my guy and I recently made a big move from Chicago to Southern California (now the picture should make more sense). So His & Hers will also be a vehicle for me to share pictures and stories with family and friends back in the Midwest (you know who are you!). 

I hope you enjoy following along with our new journey. 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

{Dudes} Let me dress you...

As I mentioned in my last post, life has been in a bit of transition over the past few weeks... but for exciting {work-related} reasons. A little over a week ago I started working for Trunk Club, a men's clothing service headquartered in Chicago. If you're not familiar with the company, check out the video below. Trunk Club is literally changing the way guys shop, and I'm thrilled to be a part of such an exciting start-up. You can learn more about Trunk Club {here}... and, Dudes, let me dress you!! You can sign-up with me at trunkclub.com/mobrien 

Sunday, April 6, 2014

{Five} of Our Favorite Things

I've been a little quiet here on the blog over the past week. Life has been in a bit of transition for exciting {work-related} reasons, keeping us rather busy lately. We're looking forward to settling back into a routine over this next week. In the meantime, I had to share {five} exciting and sweet {personal} things making us smile these days...

{ Kent State University is pulling together an all-century baseball team in celebration of their 100-year anniversary. My Eric, also known as the {His} over here, was honored to be nominated for the creation of this "dream team." Voting ends Monday at 5pm. You can vote for him {Eric O'Brien} under the "Outfield" section { HERE }  }

{ so proud of my Dad {a bagpiper with The Shamrock Club of Columbus} 
who piped all over Columbus, including the St. Patty's Day parade, on St. Patrick's Day }

{ my Mom created the sweetest set of albums commemorating my years of figure skating ~ I love you, Mom!! }

{ we were happy to have the chance to get back to Ohio for a short visit to see family, including my precious baby nephew... }

{ ...and while babysitting that precious little guy, we created this little movie }

Thursday, March 27, 2014

His & Hers Inspiration - LOB 24hrs of Spring

I'm loving LOB's latest lookbook, titled '24 Hours of Spring'. I think that's partly because I'm pretty sure the first full day of warm weather will look a little something like it for a lot of us... a day spent lazing outdoors, soaking in the sun, and celebrating the night away. Yes, the arrival of warm weather will certainly be something to celebrate this year.

{ images via FashionBeans }

Friday, March 21, 2014

{Five} + {Five} Captures from SoBe

We've been quiet over here on the blog recently, but for good reason. We snuck out of chilly Chicago in search of some sun in South Beach. It was a lovely and much needed break from the long, long winter we've been having. We didn't want to leave the warmth, but we arrived back in Chicago yesterday afternoon on the first full day of spring. It's only a matter of time before the city's summer-like again. In the meantime, we brought back some sun to share... in the form of photos. Here's {five} + {five more} of our favorite captures from our time in SoBe...

{ palm / sun / blue skies }

{ beach at The Ritz } 

{ feeling like Alice in Wonderland at the Delano

{ in heaven at the Delano }

{ my E ready for a sail }

 { on the water }

{ our sail captain } 

{ me and my E } 

{ sails + sky } 

{ endless palm }